Taira Shoki Moritoshi
Hoe Goblin (normal)
Gender Male
Main element(s) Lightning (normal form, using Amahagane)

Poison (Cursed form)
Clan Heishi
Relationship(s) Unknown
Voice actor/actress Matsuoka Daisuke
Genji: Dawn of the Samurai

Taira Shoki Moritoshi (平鍾馗守俊, also known as the Hoe Goblin) is an antagonist in the Genji game series. He acts as an Enemy boss in all three chapters of the Genji: Dawn of the Samurai game.


Moritoshi has a big and muscular body, with tanned skin and black eyes. He wears a black - yeallow armor that cover his left arm and half of his upper body, and a dark helmet which cover his head, nose and mouth. He wields a long and heavy brown trident.


Moritoshi is an arrogant and ruthless Heshi general who only cares about getting his mission done. He seems to hold a huge rivalry with Yoshitsune after being defeated by Yoshitsune in their first fight, and always try to do everything in order to get revenge on him.


Chapter 1Edit

Moritoshi first appeared in Gojo Bridge with some Heishi soldiers, chasing after Chiyo and was trying to capture her. He encountered Yoshitsune, who was attempting to rescue Chiyo, and the two had a short fight. Yoshitsune easily won the battle, and Moritoshi realized that Yoshitsune is the Genji survivor who has an Amahagane. He was trying to continue the fight, but a mysterious light emitted from the sky, along with the voice of Kuyo, who called him back to their lord, Taira Kiyomori, and Moritoshi was then summoned away.

After that, Moritoshi reappeared in the underground prison of Gojo Bridge. Apparently, Moritoshi was the Heishi's prison guard, and he has been waiting for a chance to take revenge on Yoshitsune. This time, Moritoshi wielded an Amahagane which gave him thunder-liked power, however he still ended up being defeated by Yoshitsune and had his Amahagane taken away at the end. After that, Kyuuyo appeared and took Moritoshi's body somewhere else.


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