Rokuhara Palace
Rokuhara Palace Chap 1
JP name 六波羅宮殿
Region Kyoto
Genji: Dawn of the Samurai

Rokuhara Palace (六波羅宮殿) is a location in the Genji games. It is the main headquarter of the Heishi.


Chapter 1Edit

Near the end of the chapter, Yoshitsune along with Benkei came to Rokuhara Palace to fight them despite Hogen's early warning. The two warriors were able to find Kiyomori, however they immediately fell for Kyuuyo's magic and were teleported to a ring outside the place, where Kagekiyo had been waiting for them. Yoshitsune and Benkei tried their best, but still lost to Kagekiyo at the end. Fortunately, Hogen arrived and hold Kagekiyo off, allow the two warriors to escape from the palace, resulting in Hogen's sacrifice.


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