Princess Minazuru
Minazuru Hogen
Gender Female
Main element(s) None
Clan Tamayoribito
Relationship(s) Kiichi Hogen (father)
Voice actor/actress Horie Yui
Genji: Dawn of the Samurai

Kiichi Minazuru, usually refered to as "Princess Minazuru" (皆鶴姫) is a supporting character in the Genji game series. She's the daughter of the Tamayoribito clan's leader, Kiichi Hogen.


Minazuru is quite short, she has a bright skin tone, with long brown hair, big brown eyes and 3 small brown spots on her forehead. Minazuru wears a green and white traditional clothes with some red ropes, and also a long, red earrings.


Minazuru is a kind and cheerful young girl. She cares a lot about Yoshitsune and also has a lot of respects for him. She is also shown to be quite knowledgeable, usually tries her best to support Yoshitsune and Benkei with informations.


Dawn of the SamuraiEdit

Minazuru first appear in Chapter 1, in the Hermitage of the Tamayoribito. She supported Yoshitsune with his questions and also gave him some advices. One night, when Yoshitsune was just about to leave, Minazuru told him about the rumor of "a warrior monk standing at Gojo Brigde". Thanks to this information, Yoshitsune encountered Benkei at Gojo Bridge and defeated him. After this, Benkei became Yoshitsune's partner.

When the two warrior were busy fighting at Myogyoji Temple, the Heishi attacked the Main Road and capture most of the people there, including Minazuru. Upon hearing this, the two warriors headed immediately to Gojo Bridge and went deep into the Heishi's prison. Here, they defeated the Heishi general Taira Shoki Moritoshi, thus rescuing Minazuru and some of the captured people. However, according to Minazuru, some other people were taken away by Kuyo to somewhere else.


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