Gender Unknown
Main element(s) None
Clan Heishi
Relationship(s) Unknown
Voice actor/actress Unknown
Genji: Dawn of the Samurai

Nue (鵺) is a mutant beast created by one of Kyuuyo's experiments. It's also an enemy boss in the Genji: Dawn of the Samurai game.


Nue is a strange-looking beast with mixed traits that come from various kinds of animal. It has the body of a yellow tiger, the face of a white demon with long, red mane, two pointy white horn that resemble that of a deer, and a long tail that have gray scutes and a two-chinned snake's head at the top. It has long and sharp claws at each of its legs that act as its main weapon (and can also be used as key items for weapon forging).


Nue is very fierce and aggressive when engaging battles with someone. However, according to Shinta, Nue was actually kind to him, and it also looked a bit "lonely".


Chapter 1Edit

Nue first appeared in the Ginkgo Forest of Myogyoji Temple, it attacked Shinta and Shinkichi who were playing in the forest. As a result, Shinta was captured, only Shinkichi was able to escape. When Yoshitsune came in order to investigate, Nue engaged in combat with Yoshitsune and ended up being killed by him. Yoshitsune then take Nue's Amahagane and saved Shinta.


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  • As described by one of Kyuuyo's experiment notes, Nue was a failed experiment made by her, since it was so strong and aggressive that even the Heishi wasn't able to keep it under their control.
  • After being killed by Yoshitsune, it was revived by Kyuuyo and became Raijuu in Chapter 3.
  • According to what Shinta said, it can be inferred that Nue was very lonely, being a failed experiment made by Kyuuyo; and it might be trying to capture Shinta just so that it can make friend with him.