Nobutaka Kichiji
Gender Male
Main element(s) None
Clan None
Relationship(s) Unknown
Voice actor/actress Juurouta Kosugi
Genji: Dawn of the Samurai

Nobutaka Kichiji (信孝吉次) is a character in Genji: Dawn of the Samurai. He is a scout who works for Fujiwara Hidehira.


Kichiji has fair height, tanned skin, short black hair and black eyes. He wears white clothes with a white fur coat on his shoulders, black sleeves, and green pants.


Kichiji has a charismatic and rather deceitful personality. He has a huge greed for the Amahagane and would do anything to gain one for himself, from convincing Yoshitsune to cooperating with Kagekiyo in order to do so without caring about anyone else.


Chapter 2Edit

Kichiji first appeared before Yoshitsune and Benkei, providing himself as their guide to Oushuu. When they arrived at Hiraizumi, Kichiji lead the 2 warriors to meet Hidehira; and after Hidehira's proposal was denied by Yoshitsune, Kichiji tried many way to convince them to hand over their Amahaganes.

Kichiji demanding Kagekiyo

Kichiji making deal with Kagekiyo

After many failed attempts, Kichiji decided to turn his back on the 2 warriors and cooperated with Kagekiyo, who just arrived at Hiraizumi in search of Yoshitsune and Benkei. He offered Kagekiyo with information and agreed to guide him to find the 2 warriors, but also demanded Kagekiyo to give him an Amahagane in return.

Near the end of the chapter, when Yoshitsune and Benkei had just finished their training in Konijikido, Kichiji appeared before them along with Kagekiyo. He then asked Kagekiyo to give him the Amahagane in accordance with the deal, however Kagekiyo turned his face at the last moment and attempted to cut down Kichiji, and Kichiji was barely managed to escape from death thanks to Yoshitsune. After that, Kagekiyo was defeated by the 2 warriors, and Kichiji then revealed that Yoshitsune's friends are in danger due to their mansion being peached by him earlier.


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