Myogyoji Temple
Myogyoji Temple HD
JP name ミョ御璽寺
Region Kyoto
Genji: Dawn of the Samurai

Myogyoji Temple (ミョ御璽寺) is a location in the Genji game series.


Genji: Dawn of the SamuraiEdit

Chapter 1Edit

After the incident at Gojo Bridge, Yoshitsune headed to Myogyoji Temple in order to investigate the rumor of "the cry of a strange beast" which came from this place. After dealing with some Heishi soldiers on the way, Yoshistune accidentally discovered a hidden place which is located deep within the temple. It contained several rooms along with strange experiment tools and ingredients that Yoshitsune had never seen before. He also found a piece of a scroll which indicated something about a plan involving the Amahagane, and the Amber Prayer Beads which is the key to the locked Ginkgo Forest of the temple.

Myogyoji Temple gameshot 4

The Ginkgo Forest

After entering the Ginkgo Forest, Yoshitsune suddenly encountered Nue, a strange and vicious beast which also had an Amahagane, and they had a fight. In the end, Yoshitsune killed the beast and take the Amahagane. He also saved Shinta, a young boy who was held captive by Nue, and took him safely back to the Main Road.


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The fight againts NueEdit