Musashibo Benkei
Benkei DoS
Gender Male
Main element(s) None
Clan Genji
Relationship(s) Unknown
Voice actor/actress Ōtsuka Akio
Genji: Dawn of the Samurai

Musashibo Benkei (武蔵坊弁慶) is one of the main protagonist of the Genji series, he's a warrior monk who serves as Minamoto Yoshitsune's vassal.


Benkei has a big and muscular body, it can also be noticed that he's bald, just like an ordinary monk. He wears a big red armor with a black suit inside, and some red ropes which cover his right arm. According to Minazuru, Benkei is described as "a warrior monk who is seven feets tall and is extraordinary strong".


Benkei is strong, hot-headed and a little impatient. He usually acts rash and sometimes can be mean to other people. However, deep inside his rude manner is a warrior's pure heart and an unbeatable will. He looks up to Yoshitsune as his superior and willing to stand by him no matter the cost.


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