• "No person alive is immune to the seductive power of the Amahagane or the Mashogane, they hold a most dangerous appeal" - Lord Hidehira.

The Mashogane is a purple crystal which appears within the game Genji: Days of the Blade.


The Mashogane itself is a mystical crystal of power, shown to be the demonic opposite of the Amahagane.

The Heishi priestess Kyuuyo somehow located, forged or collected these crystals from Fukahara, in order to empower the Heishi army and gather their vengence on the Genji clan. The power demonstrated through the use of the Mashogane was enough for the gods to send Lord Buson and his two priestesses from the over-world, in order to destroy the evil crystal.

However, this empowerment resulted in individuals mutating and providing demonic traits, even progressing to raise mutated soldiers from the dead. The Mashogane was destroyed when Kyuuyo exhausted the power of her final crystals in order to combine Mashogane and Amahagane into one.