Mansion of Yorenshu
Mansion of Yorenshu HD
JP name よ連取の邸宅
Region Kyoto
Genji: Dawn of the Samurai

Mansion of Yorenshu (よ連取の邸宅) is a hidden location in the Genji: Dawn of the Samurai game.


Chapter 1Edit

While investigating Myogyoji Temple, Yoshitsune accidentally discovered the Mansion of Yorenshu which laid deep within the temple. It contained several rooms along with strange experiment tools and ingredients that Yoshitsune had never seen before. It was then revealed that this mansion belonged to Kuyo, who used it as her hideout as well as laboratory for carying out secret experiments and plans. Yoshitsune encountered some of Kuyo's underlings who tried to get rid of him, and easily wiped them all out. Yoshitsune then found a part of a scroll which indicated something about a plan involving the Amahagane, and also the Amber Prayer Beads which is the key to the locked Ginkgo Forest of Myogyoji Temple.


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  • Since it is a hidden location, this mansion isn't displayed on the map.