Kamui (神威) is a special feature that uses the power of Amahagane. A Kamui maneuver summons a magical space in which you can avoid enemy attacks while simultaneously executing a devastating attack of your own.


Genji: Dawn of the SamuraiEdit

Genji: Days of the BladeEdit

Info & usageEdit

As described by Kiichi Hogen, Kamui is a god-like power that was given to the human by the Amahagane. Yoshitsune first learned about using this power in Chapter 1, when he was guided by the God of Smithery Shukenten in a magical dimension inside him. When a Kamui is generated, time will become slower, and it will allow the characters to counter againts the enemies's attack with a powerful blow using timed button pressing.

Double and Triple KamuiEdit

In Double and Triple Kamui, time will become even slower, thus the character will be able to see the enemy's movement more easily and counter againts them more effectively. Double and Triple Kamui can be executed when you are already in a Kamui state, and they will cost 1 more Kamui bar for each use. You can obtain Double Kamui after defeating Nue in Chapter 1, and Triple Kamui after passing the 2 challenges in Chapter 2.