Hermitage of the Tamayoribito
Hermitage of the Tamayoribito
JP name
Region Kyoto
Genji: Dawn of the Samurai

Hermitage of the Tamayoribito is a location in the Genji game series. It belongs to the Tamayoribito clan.


Dawn of the SamuraiEdit

This is the hideout of the Tamayoribito clan, which debuted in Chapter 1 and welcoming Yoshitsune Minamoto. The leader of the clan, Kiichi Hogen, offered Yoshitsune this hermitage as his place to rest, and here Yoshitsune met some other Tamayoribito members such as Minazuru and Lady Shizuka.

At the end of Chapter 2, the hermitage was destroyed because of a gigantic magical spell that was cast on the whole city by Kuyo. However, this event triggered the revealation of the Hermitage's secret underground tunnel, which lied beneath the hermitage and vented to the Main Road. Yoshitsune along with the other characters used this tunnel as their hideout throughout the last chapter of the game.


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