Gojo Bridge
Gojo Bridge
JP name 五条橋
Region Kyoto
Genji: Dawn of the Samurai

Gojo Bridge (五条橋) is a location in the Genji game series.


Chapter 1Edit

Yoshitsune first came to this bridge after being requested by a man from the Main Road, whose sister, Chiyo, was being pursuited by the Heishi. Thus, Yoshitsune came to Gojo Bridge in search of Chiyo, and here he encountered Taira Shoki Moritoshi, a Heishi general who was approaching Chiyo. After a short fight, Yoshitsune easily defeated Moritoshi and escorted Chiyo back to the Main Road.

At night, Yoshitsune came to the bridge once more in order to find the "Genji warrior monk" that Minazuru just told him about. Yoshitsune was shocked by seeing the Heishi soldiers lie beaten all over the place, and right after that, he met the warrior monk, Musashibo Benkei. The two had a clash, and Yoshitsune won in the end. He then dragged Benkei back to the Hermitage of the Tamayoribito in order for Benkei to rest.

Gojo Bridge Prison

The underground prison

After the investigation at Myogyoji Temple, Yoshitsune returned to the Main Road just to find that the village was attacked by the Heishi, and almost all of the villagers were kidnapped, including Minazuru. Thus, Yoshitsune rushed to Gojo Bridge along with Benkei; and after some search in the midnight, they found a passage lead to the Heishi's underground prison. Here, the two warrior encountered Taira Shoki Moritoshi, who was the guard, and succesfully defeated him. They suceeded in rescuing Minazuru and some other villagers, and after that they learnt from Minazuru that the other villagers were taken somewhere else by Kyuuyo.


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