Fujiwara Hidehira
Hidehira DoS OP
Gender Male
Main element(s) None
Clan Fujiwara
Relationship(s) Unknown
Voice actor/actress Shouzou Iizuka
Genji: Dawn of the Samurai

Fujiwara Hidehira (藤原秀衡) is the head of the Fujiwara clan and the ruler of Oushuu - Hiraizumi.


Hidehira is quite fat and has a fair height, he has fair skin, short black hair and small black eyes. He wears light-yellow traditional wearing with purple clothes inside, and a black traditional hat.


Hidehira seems to be a calm and experienced man. He is quite reflexing in his thoughts and decisions, trying to make a proposal for Yoshitsune and Benkei but quickly getting over with it right after they denied. Hidehira also seems to not believe in unecessary conflicts, he refused to get involved with the war between the Genji and the Heishi so that he can protect his own clan as well as his land.

Plot (Dawn of the Samurai)Edit

Chapter 2Edit

Hidehira first appeared inside his mansion in Hiraizumi, greeting Yoshitsune, Benkei and proposed them with a chance to stay in Oushuu,  and in return they must hand over their Amahaganes. However, right after Yoshitsune denied the proposal, Hidehira quickly agreed to let them train and fullfill their plans. He even provided them with a place to stay, and decided to put the matter of Amahagane into rest despite Kichiji's begging.


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