Amahagane (天鋼, "Steel of Heaven") is a key item in the Genji game series. The main story of both games revolve mainly around this item.


Amahagane are jewels of power, bestowed by the God of Smithery Shukenten, upon the humans as gifts that give them the god-like power called Kamui. Amahagane can be of many colors, but they are usually round and have some kind of patterns on the surface. Amahagane can also be combined using the power of Yosegane, resulting in the Amahagane and Kamui becoming much more powerful.

Essence of AmahaganeEdit

Essence is the crystallized form of Amahagane's power. Essence is normally invisible, but the Amahagane will resonate strongly when your character is closed to an essence. The closer you get to the essence, the stronger it resonates. Also, if you generate Kamui in an area where the Amahagane resonates, the essence will become visible.

You can collect Essences in order to increase your Health, Attack and Defense ability; and it will cost you 3 Essences each time you level up one of these 3 abilities.


  • The name of this jewel resembles "tamahagane", which is a special steel used to create japanese swords. The relationship between the two comes from the fact that they are related to smithery; Amahagane made by the deity in the Genji games, and tamahagane by sword smiths in japan.